Test results in 15 Minutes !
Better safe than sorry – Rapid Antigen Tests in 15 minutes.
Faster results to keep you safe – 15 mins rapid antigen test kits.
Various studies conducted have found that Rapid Antigen coronoa virus test Kits like Abott
BinaxNow, i-Health, care start all can deted the majority of Omicron cases in people carrying
high levels of the virus. The performance level of these kits is at par with the performance
results on all previous variants.
Testing early and detecting covid vide use of one these Rapid Antigen Test kits could
potentially save someones life. It can also help to prevent the spread to close people and loved
Rapid Antigen Test kits also give you the flexibility to test at home on the slightest suspicion and
avoid going to public test facilities, thereby becoming more convenient and cost efficient.
The small cost of these test kits is really nothing compared to the safety and convenince it
provides for ones self and loved ones.
Buy Yours Today.

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