Platinum Medi is a fully owned vertical of The Platinum World; set up specially to deal with medical supplies. Due to the pandemic crisis and burning need of oxygen concentrators in India, we are completely focusing on getting these products to India and into the hands of the people who need it the most. We support the ‘Breathe Easy India’ Campaign which is aimed at filling orders for NRIs for their families back home and also some NGOs in India. The prices have been capped to eliminate any kind of profiteering by unscrupulous indivisuals who would buy from us for resale and prey on the helplessness and desperation of those who need it but cannot get hold of one. Most of our minimalistic profits have been pledged towards providing some nos of free machines to the most needy.

Firstly and foremostly, this initiative was started keeping in mind the desperate needs of our NRI community who are completely helpless right now and cannot do much for aging parents and family members back home, except to cushion their ailments by sending such lifesaving products. Seeing how most of them were being charged double or triple the product cost and yet had to contend with failed deliveries; we wanted to ensure that they get the product right to their loved ones, paying the right price. Being importers with an established network, it was less challenging for us to source reliable stock suppliers and fly the product out to India. For last mile, doorstep  deliveries, we tied up with leading courier companies like DTDC, Shree Maruti Courier and Delhivery.com in India.

Additionally we have capped the prices across the board, be it a direct sale or through any of our local distributors by invoicing customers directly and / or accepting payment on our online portals and company bank accounts; both in India and the US. (Any product without our invoice will not be warrantied), thereby  leaving almost no room for price gouging, profiteering and black marketeering inspite of the current market opportunities. It’s a small difference we are trying to make in our own way and are hoping we can influence other suppliers to do the same.


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