About Platinum World

About Us

We are all essentially transacting in a Global market space and that comes with its fair share of challenges & pitfalls! 

We, at The Platinum World understand just that & provide our clients the best possible, hassle-free solutions thereby giving them the freedom to enter into and complete transactions without potential risks to their businesses and clients.

Our Services

With over 60 years of cumulative trading experience on our team; it gives us a clear insight into the needs of our clients. 

Sales : Being importers ourselves, we import, stock and resell various products through our network of verified buyers and sellers; based on the market and marketability of the products identified. These change from time to time but we try our best to bridge the demand and supply gap for clearly identified products in any market space. 

Distributors / Resellers : We represent brands which we distribute exclusively and are also resellers for various brands in the PPE space; some of which are procured  from other factories, allocation holders, wholesalers and sometimes even other retailers for sale to our clients; depending upon their requirements. 

Brokers : Our extensive list of clients are spread across different geographical locations across the globe; most of whom are trying to transact business but face various challenges which range from authenticating transactions to sometimes even logistical & simple time zone issues. Bridging the gap between clients by offering a round-the-clock desk and range of services essential to completion of such transactions, is our core strength. 

Our endeavor remains to take away the external worries for all our clients by thoroughly checking the bonafides of buyers & sellers alike. Be it whetting genuinity of offers to validating documents & product, arranging inspections, providing logistic solutions and yes, all the monetary & due diligence aspects of the transaction; we cover every minute aspect that needs attention to detail. 

Our competency in going through all these steps meticulously & professionally, without compromise is an integral part of our service.


Our Mission

To provide a Genuine environment for Hassle-free transactions with total security and Peace of Mind for all our clients!


Fee Structure

We believe in Total transparency for all parties involved. For our Services, we charge between 2-4% of the transaction based on frequency and value. Most of our clients prefer this modus of working as it allows the direct negotiations without any masked costs, lengthy paperwork, smoke screens or risks to the deal itself.

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