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Our selection of personal protective equipment provides health care workers with the tools they need to do their job safely. Medical PPE helps protect the wearer from contact with pathogens like the coronavirus. Our PPE also helps shield vulnerable patients from exposure during treatment.


The food, beverage  and retail industry is highly regulated, and businesses must adhere to proper handling techniques that include what workers wear. With the right PPE, you can prevent product contamination, keep your retail partnerships and brand reputation intact, and ensure your workplace remains compliant with all regulations.

If you work in the corporate sector and would like to promote a healthier environment, Platinum World  is your medical PPE distributor. We work closely with the business community to ensure our customers have the equipment necessary to stay healthy and help prevent the transmission of communicable diseases.

We provide schools of all sizes and grade levels with PPE for protecting students, staff and faculty from illness and disease. In addition to providing staff and faculty with appropriate masks, gloves and other medical PPE, we have hand sanitizer stations perfect for classrooms and common areas as an additional health and safety measure. 

The construction industry includes a wide range of roles and professions, but the one thing they all share is a need for quality medical PPE. These jobs often require handling hazardous materials, and dangerous breathing environments are common. With PPE, workers can do the job without taking risks.